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DDF Grant General Contribution Request


General Contribution Request


The Delta Dental Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization established in 1980 by Delta Dental of Michigan, one of the largest administrators of group dental benefits plans in the United States. The Delta Dental Foundation’s goals are to support education and research for the advancement of dental science and to promote the oral health of the public through education and service activities, particularly for those with special needs.

Each year the Delta Dental Foundation provides financial support, in the form of grants, to various organizations.

Contribution Guidelines

In considering contributions, the Delta Dental Foundation evaluates each application on its own merits. It considers the programs in which the organization is engaged, the constituencies it serves, the services it offers, its accountability and its fundraising practices, and the level of local community support it attracts.

To make it possible to regularly consider new requests, the Delta Dental Foundation's policy is to avoid making multi-year commitments for contributions to specific organizations. Exceptions may be made when a request states that a contribution will be used over a period of years. However, in no case will a multi-year commitment be made for more than three years.

Although exceptions may be made, in general, the Delta Dental Foundation does not provide grants for building construction or to cover an organization’s normal overhead expenses.

The Delta Dental Foundation gives primary consideration to supporting meritorious programs or activities for which other sources of funding are unavailable.

Contributions are also made to specific projects and programs in elementary, middle and high schools and at individual colleges and universities.

Programs/Projects Considered

The Delta Dental Foundation provides support to programs or projects that help develop and heighten dental awareness among the public and that offer continuing dental education. Careful consideration is given to each request. Each request is reviewed in terms of its general eligibility and conformity with Foundation guidelines, the available funds, the amount needed to achieve the desired results and program priority. Contributions are generally awarded for:

  • Charitable programs designed to extend the benefits of dentistry to indigents and groups found to be dentally deprived
  • Educational programs and research for the advancement of the science of dentistry
  • Programs designed to promote the dental health of the public


Grants will not be awarded for the following:

  • Individuals (except for individual recipients of the Delta Dental Foundation's leadership award, scholarship, and research grant programs)
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, religion, color, creed, gender, age or national origin
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • Loans
  • Projects developed for commercial and proprietary purposes

How to Apply

To apply for a contribution from the Delta Dental Foundation, please complete and submit the contribution request application.

Grant Reporting Form

Each grant recipient must complete and submit a grant reporting form within one year of receiving funds or prior to receiving additional funding, whichever comes first.


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