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Teaching Tools

Oral Health and Videos

Looking for a fun way to teach kids about oral health? Check out these books, songs and videos about dental health.

Download our oral health book list.

The Brush-Along Song

A Trip to the Dentist through Pinatta’s View—ISBN 0-9700968-1-X


Learning about oral health is fun with these games and activities.

Hidden Words
Find the hidden dental terms in this word search.

Toothpaste Maze
Help Marshall Molar find his way through the maze.

Follow the Floss
Follow the dental floss to find the healthy snack.

Connect the Dots
Connect the dots to uncover the tooth fairy.

Word Blanks
Fill in the blanks to learn important dental terms.

Brush and Floss Chart
Remembering to brush and floss is easy with our reminder chart.


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