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Introducing DentaQual® dentist ratings

Now, you will find DentaQual® ratings in the Delta Dental dentist directory. These ratings will be associated with Delta Dental of North Carolina network dentists, only and may not be available for dentists residing outside of the state.


What is DentaQual®?

DentaQual® is a rating system to score dentists who are participating providers in the Delta Dental of North Carolina Networks. It assigns scores on a 5-star scale based on submitted claims data. DentaQual® compares each provider’s score to the average score of their peers in the same specialty and geography to generate an overall quality rating. The score is updated monthly. 

  • DentalQual® is not a DDNC tool, it is a tool produced by a 3rd party vendor, P&R Dental Strategies. These are “quality-of-care” metrics.
  • DentaQual® scoring is a value-added program DDNC has chosen to implement, and it will benefit all members. Dentist scoring elevates the “find a dentist” feature information allowing everyone who utilizes the “find a dentist” tool to make informed choices about which dentist they choose.


What Do the DentaQual® Scores Mean?

DentaQual® scores are based on 5 different measures:

  1. Treatment outcomes. Measures a dentist’s treatment success rate, including the likelihood of repeat procedures and post-treatment problems.
  2. Commitment to best practices. Evaluates how well a dentist follows established dental standards and treatment methods, including the sequence of prescribed care.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Compares the types and number of prescribed treatments as well as the average cost per patient for submitted dental fees and treatments.
  4. Patient retention. Evaluates the degree of patient retention and loyalty as well as active sanctions, if any.
  5. Treatment recommendations. Compares how a dentist recommends treatments in relation to other dentists in their ZIP Code and specialty.


How are scores shown?

To illustrate a provider’s score, DentaQual® uses a star grading system. A star system is the most common scoring system used by accreditation agencies, regulatory agencies, and government programs. A star system is believed to be most universally understood by consumers and is a common tool across multiple industries for relative comparisons.


How does DentaQual® work?

DentaQual® scoring is based on a statistical analysis of dental claims data and identifies dentists who are within and without the statistically normative behavior patterns of their peer dentists. DentaQual® is not based on pre-determined, subjective benchmarks of quality. All scoring is based on “standard deviation from the norm,”

with the assumption that “the norm” represents the average level of quality in the provider’s 3-digit zip code region and specialty.


How Do I Find a DentaQual® Rating?

To check the DentaQual® ratings of a particular dentist, this is what you do:

  1. Visit the Delta Dental Find a Dentist Tool.
  2. You can skip the specialty and network drop-down boxes for now.
  3. Type in the dentist’s last name.
  4. Select “yes” for current location or “no” and type in your ZIP code.
  5. Click “find a dentist.”

The next screen will show you the

  • dentist’s full name,
  • name, address and phone number of the dental practice, with hyperlinks to a map and directions,
  • their plan network participation,
  • new patient acceptance status and
  • their DentaQual® star rating. Click on it for a detailed breakdown of the dentist’s score.


“No Dentist Found Within the Search Criteria?”

If your search yields this response, “No dentist found within the search criteria,” try these steps:

  • Double-check the spelling of the dentist’s name.
  • Correct the location information if necessary.
  • Select a different dental plan network from the drop-down box. Not all dentists participate in all Delta Dental networks, so you may have to try multiple networks to find a specific dentist.
  • Search again.


If none of these steps work, this particular dentist may not be part of the Delta Dental of North Carolina networks. In which case, they won’t have a DentaQual® score and will be considered an out-of-network provider.


How do I contact P&R Dental Strategies?

P&R Dental Strategies can be reached Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET. Please send an email to or call (609) 783-9380. P&R Dental Strategies’ Customer Service Specialists will return all messages within 24 hours during normal business hours.


View our consumer DentaQual® FAQs here!