Online Tools

Below is information on how you can get access to our online toolkits tailored to your needs. You can also check out our list of most frequently asked questions. If you still need help, please contact us.

Dental Office Toolkit

The Dental Office Toolkit gives dentists quick, easy access to insurance information online. Using this Toolkit can help you get paid faster.

  • Eligibility: View current enrollee eligibility and benefits information. 
  • Estimates: Submit new and view previously submitted pre-treatment estimates.
  • Documents: Download EOBs and more.
  • Claims Processing: View the status and history for all submitted claims, review direct deposits, and get fast, free online claims processing.
Dental Office Toolkit

Member Portal

With the Member Portal you get easy, secure access to your specific benefit information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use this service to find:

  • Eligibility: Find current eligibility for you and your dependents. Review your specific benefits, including your network program type.
  • Up-to-Date Benefit Information: Find up-to-date benefit information, such as: how much of your yearly benefit has been used, how much is still available, and levels of coverage for specific dental services.
  • Claim Information: Review specific claims transactions, reimbursements, payments and pre-treatment estimates. You can also print a copy of your Explanation of Benefits.
  • ID Cards: Print a copy of your ID Card that you can give to your dentist. Note: ID Cards are not always required and do not verify eligibility, but many dental offices like to keep a copy on file.
Member portal

Benefit Manager Toolkit

The Benefit Manager Toolkit is a secure online tool that makes a benefit manager’s life easier. With the Benefit Manager Toolkit, you can administer your group’s Delta Dental benefits at any time, in real time. You will find:

  • Eligibility: Manage your group's eligibility online and eliminate the need to mail or fax eligibility information. Enter, edit and terminate enrollee eligibility.
  • Up-to-Date Benefit Information: View high level benefit information for your group to assist in answering questions about coverage, including maximums, deductibles, co-insurance percentages and more.
  • Claim Information: Review specific claim transactions, reimbursements, payments and pre-treatment estimates.
  • ID Cards: Print ID Cards for your group's members.
Dental Office Toolkit

Member Portal

For Individual plan members who are already enrolled, access all your information here! You can also print ID cards, check eligibility, review claims, and more.

Member portal

Translation Services

Language Line

Participating Delta Dental dentists in North Carolina are eligible for discount access to Language Line Personal Interpreter Services. Language Line puts your patients at ease by allowing you to explain complicated dental procedures or billing information in the language they understand best—their own.

As a participating Delta Dental dentist, you are eligible to receive a 35 percent discount off regular pricing. Discounted interpretation services are billed at $2.69 per minute. Charges begin when the interpreter joins the call and end when the caller hangs up the phone. You will only be charged for the services you use and there are no monthly or minimum usage fees.

Simply call Customer Service at (800) 662-8856 for more information. 

Language Line