Dental benefits after college

College diploma in hand, your next step after graduation may be getting your dream job — and moving out of your parents’ house. Congratulations on this new milestone! But don’t forget about your teeth. With dental coverage, you can access the regular dental care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

1. Stay on your parents’ coverage.

If it’s an option, remaining on your parents’ plan is one of the easiest ways to stay insured. You’ll keep the same plan and dentist. Talk to your parents to see if they’re willing to keep you on their coverage. Eligibility requirements differ across plans, but many dental plans cover adult children up to age 26.

2. Get coverage through a new employer.

If you land a full-time position with benefits, see if your employer covers dental. Employer-sponsored dental benefits are among the most popular job benefits. Typically, your employer will pay some of the premium.

3. Buy an individual plan.

If you’re self-employed or between jobs, an individual plan is the perfect way to keep your teeth protected. Delta Dental offers multiple plans for individuals and families: the Preventive Plan, the Enhanced Plan, and the Premium Plan. These plans, which you can sign up for online, vary in their coverage levels. No matter which plan you choose, you have access to the more than 3.500 licensed dentists in North Carolina and 24/7 customer service through our Member Portal. 

When determining which plan may be right for you, evaluate your needs. A single adult under the age of 30, with very good dental health and no history of oral disease, has very different dental benefit needs than an individual with a history of extensive oral health issues or even a family of four. Ensure that the plan you are interested in covers your needs, whether that’s just preventive care or everything from crowns to braces.