Delta Dental of North Carolina Benefit Plans

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier maximizes the advantages of our dual networks. By combining the extensive size of the Delta Dental Premier® network and the deeper discounts of the Delta Dental PPO network, the Delta Dental PPO plus Premier plan can help reduce claims costs. Members have access to both the Delta Dental PPO and the Delta Dental Premier network dentists, which helps ensure greater access to network dentists.

This plan provides patients with our unique safety net feature, adding a level of financial security for members and groups that is unequaled in the industry. No other carrier can offer two layers of cost savings and balance-billing protection in one program the way Delta Dental can.


Delta Dental Premier®

The Delta Dental Premier® plan features a national network for groups who want to provide their employees with the broadest panel of participating dentists. With four out of five dentists nationwide, Delta Dental Premier® has the largest network of dentists anywhere, providing an unmatched level of patient protection.


Delta Dental Premier® for Individuals

Whether self-employed, working part-time without benefits, retired or no longer covered through a parent’s plan, having an individual dental plan can pay big dividends for an individual’s oral health, while also giving you financial protection from unexpected—and often expensive—problems.

And with a growing body of evidence now indicating a link between oral and overall health, taking care of your mouth and teeth is even more important.

Through Delta Dental of North Carolina, a leading dental benefits provider in North Carolina for more than 50 years, individuals and families can take advantage of an individual plan designed to protect their smile—and also protect their wallet from costly procedures or unplanned emergencies that can really put a dent in the budget.

  • Visit any dentist, but save the most money by going to an in-network dentist.
  • Enjoy access to the largest dental network in the state and the nation— Delta Dental Premier®.
  • Find a network dentist quickly and easily—visit our Dentist Search to locate one, or call us at (800) 971-4108.
  • Coverage for emergency dental procedures when traveling internationally.

Learn more about this plan and how to enroll in our Individuals section, or by calling us at (800) 971-4108.


Delta Dental Benefit Plan Features:

  • Access to the nation’s largest network of dentists.
  • Freedom to visit any licensed dentist.
  • No balance billing.*
  • No paperwork! Dentists will fill out all forms and file the claims.*
  • Members will never have to pay full price for a dental visit and then wait for reimbursement.*
  • All dentists undergo a rigorous credentialing process.

*When visiting a Delta Dental network dentist.