General Vision Plan FAQs

At Delta Dental of North Carolina, we strive to provide superior service. It is important to us to answer any inquiries quickly, professionally, and accurately. Below, you will find answers to our frequently asked questions about our DeltaVision® offerings.


What VSP® network is being utilized and how can members search for providers?

All DeltaVision® of North Carolina products utilize the VSP Choice Network. Members may search for providers via the VSP website at Please note: Members must register on the website in order to search all available retail locations.


Will DeltaVision® offer a mail order option for eyewear?

Yes, Eyeconic® is the online eyewear store for members, located at


Can vision and dental invoices be combined?

Yes. You may request that the dental and vision show on the same invoice.


Will DeltaVision® invoices be available through BMT like Delta Dental invoices? Yes, the vision invoice will be separate from the dental invoice, unless you request consolidated billing.


Will dental and vision invoices be mailed in the same envelope?

Yes, if you have consolidated billing. Non-consolidated billing could arrive in two separate envelopes.


Will ID cards be provided for members?

Yes, Delta Dental will provide a single ID card for dental and vision combined or a vision ID card for vision only.


Can a DeltaVision® member print an ID card similar to how a Delta Dental member has the capability?

Yes, the member can print an ID card including VSP® contact information and their DeltaVision® ID card from the Member Portal.


If a member signs on to the Member Portal, will they also be able to view DeltaVision® information (benefits, EOBs, etc)?

  • When a member signs into the Delta Dental Member Portal they will be able to see their enrollment in DeltaVision®, however, they will not be able to see claim or benefit specific information.
  • To access claim specific or more detailed information, you will need to login to your VSP® member account which can be done by visiting or through a single sign on (SSO) through the Member Portal.


How does a member reach out to VSP® regarding benefit or claims questions for DeltaVision®?

  • You may visit their website at or reach out to their customer service at 1.800.877.7195
  • VSP® customer service hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm (EST); Sunday - Closed


Are there value-added benefits for DeltaVision® members?

Yes. There are a variety of value-added benefits for DeltaVision members.

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