Renaissance Electronic Services (RES)

RES offers a full spectrum of e-commerce solutions for dental offices including:

  • Dental Office Toolkit®—A web-based solution for claims, benefits and eligibility for select Delta Dental plans.
  • Remote Lite—Allows dental offices with a practice management system to submit unlimited claims to ALL payers without double-entry with a flat rate of $49.95/month.
  • R-Statements—Allows offices to outsource patient statements, greatly reducing postage and statement processing costs. RSS handles printing and mailing.
  • R-Attachments—Send claim attachments electronically to participating insurance companies at no cost. Attachments can be sent from digital files, scanners or screen captures.

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Electronic Lockbox Services (ELS)

Electronic Merchant Account (EMA)

ELS offers a merchant services solution for processing credit card transactions specific to the needs of dental offices. An EMA offers dental offices the choice to operate in the best interest of their practice and the patients they serve.

  • Process recurring payments—EMA allows you to set up secure, customizable and automated patient payment plans without storing credit card information in the office.
  • Accept patient payments online—Patient Pay Center allows your patients to make payments online, helping to reduce your accounts receivables.
  • Receive standardized posting reports—Customize your daily reports and set up alerts to help manage all transactions.
  • Flat rate (no hidden fees)—2.5 percent per transaction; Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted.
  • No terminal required—Submit payments using your existing computer and a complimentary USB magnetic strip reader.

HIPAA Safeguard Program

ELS offers HIPAA education for dental offices. The HIPAA Safeguard Program includes preventative tools to help keep a data breach from occurring in your office. The program provides you access to a comprehensive and educational web portal, which allows you to assess the current risk level of your practice, see what steps are recommended to protect your practice, and what actions you should consider to avoid a breach. In addition, the HIPAA Safeguard Program helps protect dental practices from the significant expenses and fines associated with a data breach.

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Other Clearinghouses

EHG (EDI Health Group)
800-576-6412 ext. 455




Tesia Clearinghouse


NOTE: This listing is provided as a courtesy to participating dentists. Delta Dental does not make any representations, provide any warranties, or assume any liability or responsibility relating to the use of such products and services. Use of the listed vendors is strictly optional.