Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to become a Delta Dental participating dentist? 

Any dentist licensed under the laws of any state in the United States is encouraged to become a Delta Dental of North Carolina participating dentist.

2. What is the purpose of a Participating Dentist Agreement? 
Through the Participating Dentist Agreement, Delta Dental and the dentist work together to provide affordable dental care. While each Delta Dental network has its own unique agreement, some of the common agreement provisions include:

  • You agree to file claims for your Delta Dental patients.
  • You agree to accept direct payment from Delta Dental.
  • You agree that subscribers will not be charged more than the pre-established coinsurance amount. In other words, you agree not to balance bill patients any difference between the Delta Dental-approved amount and your usual fee, if any.
  • You agree to fee verifications and periodic record reviews.
  • You agree to submit diagnostic aids (such as x-ray films) as necessary to help Delta Dental verify that treatment is covered by the group contract.
  • You agree to cooperate with state or local peer review committees and with dental consultants.
  • You agree to update Delta Dental's Professional Relations Department with your most current dental practice information (credentialing information) at least once every three years.

3. How does Delta Dental determine the dentist's reimbursement level?
Delta Dental pays participating dentists the appropriate percentage of the fees actually charged, subject to fee table maximums or maximum allowable payment. Payment of the dental plan's obligation is made directly to the participating dentist. Delta Dental of North Carolina participating dentists accept this reimbursement as payment in full for services covered under the plan. Fee schedules are available via the Dental Office Toolkit or by contacting your dedicated professional services representative.

4. Does Delta Dental require credentialing?
Delta Dental believes in nurturing long-term partnerships with highly qualified individuals and organizations who share our commitment to quality dental care and services. As part of our commitment to quality, Delta Dental of North Carolina has a formalized credentialing process through which we objectively evaluate dentists against formalized standards.

5. I'm interested. How do I contact Delta Dental? 
You can download relevant forms from our Join Our Network page, or contact your dedicated Delta Dental representative by viewing our territory map.